Magento 1 Plugin - idealo Direktkauf

Hinweis: Wir haben den Vertrieb und die Entwicklung dieses Plugin eingestellt.
Sollten Sie eine gültige Lizenz besitzen und möchten mit einem Support-Anliegen an uns herantreten, dann nutzen Sie bitte unser Kontaktfomular. (private)


  • Magento 1.x
  • libcurl installed on your server
  • A merchant-account with idealo


1) Installing the plugin files

* First follow the steps **A** (use method B only in case of error).
* Then apply **'2) Post installation actions'**.

A) With Magento Connect

Requirement: The Magento installation must be clean of previous Idealo Direktkauf plugin installations. If not, please follow „Uninstall the plugin“ –> 2) Manually

  1. Log in into Magento Connect Manager.
  2. In the section Direct package file upload, click on button 'Browse…'.
  3. Select the plugin archive file in TGZ FORMAT !! (for exemple 'idealoDirektkauf-MAGENTO1_v1.2.7.tgz').
  4. Click on button 'Upload' to start installation.

B) Manually (alternative only in case method A fails)

  1. Unzip the package.
  2. Transfer the folders app, js and lib into your shop root.

2) Post installation actions

  • Connect to admin area.
  • Go to System → Cache management.
  • Clear the cache on the button Flush Cache Storage.
  • Log out from the Magento admin panel and log in again.
  • Configure the plugin under System → Configuration → Idealo Direktkauf. (see Configuration section below for further details)
  • You can adjust the schedule for running imports and exports in app/code/community/Idealo/Direktkauf/etc/config.xml (flush Cache storage after modifying).
  • Make sure a minutely cronjob is set up in your magento installation to cron.php so the configured jobs will be executed.



  1. 'Aktiv'
    Activate or deactivate the plugin.
  2. 'Modus'
    Here, you can configure the test or live mode.
  3. 'Authentifizierungs-Token'
    You can get your auth-tokens from your idealo account manager.
  4. 'Error-Email-Adresse'
    This is the email-address the plugin sends error messages to.
  5. 'Als Stornierungsgrund übermittelter Wert'
    Select a default value that is transmitted to idealo in case of a cancellation. You can set an individual value per canceled order to overwrite the default.
  6. 'Logging aktiv'
    If logging is activated, the plugin writes var/log/idealo_direktkauf.log.
  7. 'Multistore Modus'
    Multistore mode disabled: Everything is imported into the standard store. Multistore mode active: The import must be configured correctly for each store view.
  8. 'Bestell-Import Grenze'
    Max amount of orders imported in one script-call. A good value for testing purposes would be 3, for live mode 100. Leave empty for unlimited import.


  1. 'Import-Bestellstatus'
    The status of imported idealo orders.
  2. 'Zahlarten Zuweisung'
    Here, you can assign your shop payment methods to the idealo Checkout payment methods.
  3. 'Lieferoptionen Zuweisung'
    Here, you can assign the shipping methods from your shop to the idealo Checkout shipping methods.

'Konfiguration prüfen'

  1. 'Status'
    The status of your idealo Checkout plugin configuration.
  2. 'Versionen'
    Shows the installed PHP, Magento and plugin version.


  1. 'Bestell-import'
    Test order import from idealo Checkout.
  2. 'Status-Export'
    Test status export from Magento to idealo Checkout.

About multi stores

Case 1

With Magento, different shop systems are administered. However, only one shop participates in idealo Checkout. This would be the standard shop (main website).
Note: As long as the multi-store mode is off, only one store is taken in account (the default one)

  1. Carry out all settings in the standard configuration.
    The main settings:
    Aktiv = „Ja“
    Authentication token = „Token des Händlers“
    Multi store mode = „Nein“
    Mode = „Live“ for live or „Test“ for the sand box

  2. Carry out all settings from step 1 (incl. token) in the main website store for each shop view. In the above mentioned example, the shop views would be „English“, „German“ and „Store 5“.

  3. Regarding all other shops, the setting „Aktiv“ can be set to „Nein“ for each view, but it is not mandatory if multi-store mode is off.

Case 2

With Magento, different shop systems are administered and more than one participate in idealo Checkout.

  1. Carry out settings as mentioned in Case 1. Only choose Multi store mode = „Ja“
  2. Activate the respective shops in the configuration (Aktiv = „Ja“)
    Each shop receives an individual token which needs to be stored in each shop.
    Important: this setting (Token and Aktiv = „Ja“) has to be repeated in each shop view of the shop.

Uninstall the plugin

1) With Magento Connect

  • Log in into Magento Connect Manager.
  • In the section Manage Existing Extensions, locate the plugin installation line.
  • Select Uninstall in the dropdown.
  • Click on button 'Commit Changes' to apply.
  • Go back to admin area.
  • Go to System → Cache management.
  • Clear the cache on the button Flush Cache Storage.
  • Log out from the Magento admin panel and log in again.

2) Manually

To remove manually the plugin, installed manually or not, please follow these steps :

In Magento ROOT folder
  • Remove folder app/code/community/Idealo.
  • Remove file app/design/adminhtml/default/default/layout/idealo.xml.
  • Remove folder app/design/adminhtml/default/default/template/idealo.
  • Remove file app/etc/modules/Idealo_Direktkauf.xml.
  • Remove file app/locale/de_DE/Idealo_Direktkauf.csv.
  • Remove file app/locale/en_US/Idealo_Direktkauf.csv.
  • Remove folder js/idealo.
  • Remove folder lib/idealo.
  • SQL : DELETE FROM core_resource WHERE code = 'idealo_direktkauf_setup';

Equivalent Linux command lines

The previous operations can be achieved in command line in linux shell:

cd <Magento root folder>
rm -rf app/code/community/Idealo
rm -f app/design/adminhtml/default/default/layout/idealo.xml
rm -rf app/design/adminhtml/default/default/template/idealo
rm -f app/etc/modules/Idealo_Direktkauf.xml
rm -f app/locale/de_DE/Idealo_Direktkauf.csv
rm -f app/locale/en_US/Idealo_Direktkauf.csv
rm -rf js/idealo
rm -rf lib/idealo
mysql -u {PLACE DB_USER} -h {PLACE DB_HOST} -p'{PLACE DB_PASS}' -e "DELETE FROM core_resource WHERE code = 'idealo_direktkauf_setup';" {PLACE DB_NAME}


How can I set an individual revokation reason per canceled order?

After having canceled an order, a dropdown appears in the idealo Direktkauf - Box in the information - tab of the order in the Magento backend. You can either choose „Kunden-Widerruf“, „Retoure“ or „Vom Händler abgelehnt“.


Sollten Sie Hilfe von FATCHIP benötigen, schicken Sie bitte eine detaillierte Fehlerbeschreibung inkl. Plugin- und Shopversion an
If you need any assistance, please contact our support via and submit a detailed description of the error including plugin and shop version.

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